Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oppenheimer Diamond

History of the Oppenheimer Diamond

The Oppenheimer Diamond, a nearly perfectly-formed 253.7 carat (50.74 g) yellow diamondKimberly, South Africa in 1964.


crystal, is one of the largest uncut diamonds in the world. It measures approximately 20 × 20 millimeters. It was discovered in the Dutoitspan Mine, This almost perfect yellow crystal was found in the Dutoitspan Mine, Kimberly, South Africa in 1964. It was acquired by Harry Winston, who presented it to the Smithsonian Institution in memory of the late Sir Ernest Oppenheimer of DeBeers Consolidated Mines.

Acquired by Henry Winston The OPPENHEIMER

Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, located in the heart of the Israeli diamond complex in Ramat Gan, serves as a showcase for the diamond industry in Israel, which is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary.

The long established Museum recently reopened its gates after a period of extensive renovation. Diverse aids are utilized to unfold the saga of the diamond and the Israeli Diamond Industry. Rare gems, informative stations, video movies and multimedia combine in an exciting interactive experience which maximizes the beauty and glamour of the most precious mineral in the world, the diamond.

The visitor to the Museum is taken on an exciting virtual journey. He is guided by experts who illuminate the versatile facets of the diamond – how diamonds are created, different mining systems, stages of cutting and polishing, trade and its conduct, characteristics and usage of diamonds in jewelry and industry.

Temporary exhibitions in the Museum will illustrate additional angles of the diamond and provide wonderful tools to depict the culture, mystery and prestige which are interwoven into the world of gems,


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